Hunter to Treasure Trails in RS with old school runescape money

Treasure Hunter Keys has already replaced the Squeal of Fortune Spins. From another side, most players are now hardly willing to do Treasure Trails, which is mainly because of the less good old school runescape money rewards. Therefore, here is an idea, what do you think of linking Treasure Hunter to Treasure Trails?

Adding Treasure Hunter keys as a Treasure Trails reward
As for linking Treasure Hunter to Treasure Trails, we believe that the most important thing to do is to update the Treasure Trails’ rewards. On the other hand, since the release of the Treasure Hunter, Treasure Hunter keys must be eagerly required by players. Therefore, why not spice them up a bit by adding Treasure Hunter keys as Treasure Trails’ rewards, which will definitely make Treasure Trails more appealing than before.
What to do with bonus xp?
Some players are insisting on using bonus xp for their divination training. In fact, doing divination on double experience old school runescape gp weekend saves the same amount of time as doing agility for the weekend. As long as you are doing your chosen skill the most efficiently for your level, it will exactly be the same time saved overall.
In other words, time is money, so saving time is actually saving money. Therefore, with a bonus xp, expect using it for your divination skill, you are also able to spend it on your slow skills to maximize your time saved, or use it in expensive skills which you cannot stand training.
How to challenge the Kraken?
First of all, the Kraken requires 87 Slayer and 50 Magic to challenge. Then, you must have an assignment to fight them, which can be accepted from Chaeldar, Nieve & Duradel. Thirdly, once you decide to fight the Kraken, you are able to find them in the lakes of the Stronghold Slayer Cave.
As for defeating them, firstly, you need to dtsrupt a whirlpool to cause the Kraken to surface. And then due to the Kraken only weak to magic, you need to use your best spells. You may need to notice that ranged or melee attacks will be heavily reduced, also melee cannot be attacked on close range for they will only move round on the lake.

Details for assign Treasure Hunter keys in Treasure Trails
As we all know, Treasure Trails have four parts, and different parts own different rewards. If we are trying to add Treasure Hunter keys into Treasure Trails’ reward list, then we need to assign those keys reasonably. For example, there can be one key for an easy clue, two for a medium, three for a hard and old school runescape money four for the elite. However, it seems too easy to get since you are now able to finish those quests quite quickly and will most likely exceed the experience gain in some skills. Hence, details for assign those keys still need to discuss. Are there some good ideas you are willing to share with us?
What’s more, there are also some players who suggest that Treasure Hunter keys can also be linked with bonds, such as 8 keys for one bond. What’s your opinion? Will you willing to turn your keys into bonds?